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For Publishers

Publishers (publishers, brand managers, advertisers) typically rely on stock photography or hiring expensive photographers for custom assignments to source their photography needs. This is far from ideal. While it is nearly impossible to find exactly what you need in stock photography, custom assignments do not always end up with a satisfied publisher either. Whether you are looking for a photograph for the Instagram campaign for your brand, or an article on your magazine, Fotowoo makes it possible for you to purchase what you need at your budget


The Perfect Match

Are you looking for a photo of a certain scene, an object or a location? Do you want it in a specific setting? What mood do you need it to reflect? Define your brief in detail. Let photographers work towards your brief


At Your Budget

Fotowoo allows you to reach a wide range of photographers at different price points. Furthermore, Fotowoo allows you to negotiate the price directly on the platform. All because we want to provide you the best value


At Your Standarts

An extra large size copy for a billboard ad or a small one for Instagram campaign. An exclusive copy? Colorscale? File type? Camera type? Just define your standards and we will deliver


At Your Timeline

Do you need a photo tomorrow? Or in a month? Each assignment on Fotowoo comes with a sharp deadline. Just to ensure that you are never late for your deadlines


I really value being able to define the brief and find the right the photograph I need from a targeted list of submissions.

Magazine Publisher

When you need something specific, your options are limited in stock photography. Fotowoo provides tailor-made solutions at affordable prices

Photography agency

Crowdsourcing at its best! Fotowoo is our gateway to real good talent with great work

For Photographers

Fotowoo offers photographers a free platform where they can sell their photos to publishers (publishers, brand managers, advertisers). Photographers may view assignments created by publishers around the world and either submit a photo they already have that meets the publisher’s requirements, or use the time to deadline and take new photos for that specific assignment. Photographers set their own price and get 100% payout when their photos are sold. Much better than stock photography!


Higher Chance To Sell

Don’t let your photos get lost in hundreds of millions of stock photos. When you submit your work for a particular assignment, it will get full visibility by the owner of the assignment, increasing your chance to sell within a defined deadline.


Set Your Own Price

We value your work. So no fixed prices. You set your own price and may negotiate with the buyer if you choose to. You make the final decision to sell. You are in charge.


100% Payout

Unlike stock photo sites or other platforms, Fotowoo takes no commissions off your agreed sales price. You get paid 100% of the proceeds in less than 1 week, sent directly in your bank account or PayPal.


Select Whom To Sell

You can select the assignment to which you want to send your photos. You maintain full control over who can buy the right to use your photographs.

How does it work?

  • Publishers can post assignments on Fotowoo and purchase rights to use photographs submitted to their assignments
  • When an assignment is created, publisher defines the brief, technical requirements, copyright type, deadline and a minimum price he/she is willing to pay
  • Photographers send their photographs to the assignment and set a price for each. Fotowoo provides the platform for both parties to negotiate the final price in a structured mechanism
  • Once a deal is made, delivery of the original photograph is made through a secure download link provided by Fotowoo, along with a detailed receipt, providing terms and conditions and details of the transaction
  • Fotowoo acts as an intermediary and it does not own or license the photographs itself
  • All assignments have a minimum price set by the publisher. This is to ensure a minimum commitment and to attract photographs in line with the quality expectations of the publisher. Higher minimum prices attract better photographers and more submissions.
  • Posting an assignment and setting a minimum price is not a commitment to buy
  • Once an assignment is posted, photographers may submit their photographs with an ask price equal to or higher than the minimum price. At that stage, both parties will be allowed to provide their offers in two consecutive rounds to reach a final price
  • If the bidding process does not end with an agreeable price to both parties, the submission will be automatically cancelled
  • Fotowoo does not store originals of unsold photographs after an assignment deadline is reached
  • Publisher will not be able to communicate with the seller directly during the standard bidding process. Contact information will only be provided once a deal is made
  • Posting an assignment or submitting a photograph is free on Fotowoo. There are no monthly fees or any other fixed recurring fees
  • If a transaction is made, Fotowoo charges the buyer a flat 20% commission for the intermediary services it provides plus a 5% transaction fee for payment processing. Photographers receive their agreed price in full at 100% pay-out
  • Publishers can pay securely with a valid credit card anywhere in the world. Payments are processed by Assembly Payments. You can read more about Assembly Payments at www.assemblypayments.com
  • Photographers get paid within 1 week of the sale. Unlike stock photo sites or other platforms, Fotowoo takes no commissions off photographers’ agreed sales price. Photographer receives 100% of the proceeds in their bank account or PayPal.